About our eResources

EResources are eBooks, databases, videos and other online content that the libraries subscribe to on behalf of our customers. They are generally available online at all times but you must be a library member to use them.

All require internet access to log in but some of them also allow for offline access once the item has been downloaded. To use an eResource you will be asked to enter your library card number and PIN or password to get access. If your library account is locked or expired then access may cease - if this happens please contact the library and we will try to sort it out.

Some eResources have an App for use on a mobile device but all can be used on a normal computer through your internet browser. Some eResources come with a set collection of content, others we have some control over what is made available - our eBook eResources for example allow us to choose the collection, however a resource like Beamafilm does not.

Downloading eBooks, eAudiobooks and eMagazines

We have different providers for our eResources: Wheelers ePlatform provide most of our eBooks, Borrow Box and OverDrive provide eBooks and eAudiobooks and RB Digital provides eMagazines. Note this will soon be transferring to the OverDrive platform - we will keep you updated as this progresses.  In all cases you can read online or download the file to your computer or device. Note that downloading each title may take a little while and you will need to stay online for the duration.

Find and check out an eBook

  1. Because we have multiple vendors for eBooks the best way to find if we have a title as an eBook is to search the catalogue for eBooks.
  2. Once you find a title that you wish to borrow you can click the blue Download button.
  3. If you are not already logged in to your account you will be asked to log in with your library card number and PIN/Password.
  4. Next you will be forwarded to the title on to the provider's website - the title will have been checked out to you.

Read an eBook

Once you have checked out the eBook you can read it online or download it to your computer or mobile device to read offline.

Using the apps

If you are using an iOS or Android 'smart' mobile device you may find it easier to do your reading via the app:

  1. download the app;
  2. log in with your library card number and PIN/Password - you may be asked to identify which library system you are a member of i.e. Selwyn Libraries;
  3. any titles that you have already checked out will appear in your library when you are logged in on the app;
  4. search and borrow from within the app - note that each app will only search that provider's library - you won't find Wheelers eBooks from the Borrowbox app;
  5. download titles to read offline.

Using library eBooks with an eReader

If you have an eReader such as  Kobo or Sony eReader you should be able to read most of the eBooks by downloading them to your computer and transferring the file to your eReader. Most eBook providers require that you have Adobe digital editions on the laptop to protect their copyrights on the item. Please use the provider's help files to guide you through this process.

Specific help with accessing each type of eResource is available on that eResource's page, the provider's website or please contact us and we will endeavour to help.