Bridget Williams Books

Bridget Williams Books provides online access to several collections of unique New Zealand publications about our history, culture and society. Access all of these in one of our libraries or by entering your Selwyn District Libraries' card number and PIN / password.

The BWB Texts Collection

BWB Texts are short books on big subjects from great New Zealand writers. This is a fast growing series with over a dozen titles published annually which are added to the BWB Texts Collection as they are published.

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Critical Issues Collection

Evidence-based, peer-reviewed and bipartisan, this scholarship makes a significant contribution to New Zealand and our shared future. The Collection includes over 30 works from authors such as Jonathan Boston, Judy McGregor, Colin James, Max Rashbrooke, Shamubeel Eaqub, Simon Chapple, Jane Kelsey, Rebecca Macfie, Marilyn Waring and more.

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New Zealand History Collection

Over 30 years of award-winning history publishing is combined in this landmark library reference. Growing to include over 50 works, this collection features numerous acclaimed New Zealand histories and biographies. Authors include Judith Binney, Atholl Anderson, Aroha Harris, Melissa Matutina Williams, James Belich, Vincent O’Malley, Tony Ballantyne, Jessie Munro and many more.

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Sign Language Collection

BWB's reference publishing and accounts of Deaf experience are freshly rendered using rich multimedia and visuals which could not be delivered to libraries in traditional means. Includes access to Rachel McKee's New Zealand Sign Language: A Reference Grammar.

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Treaty of Waitangi Collection

Explore resources and electronic publications on the Treaty of Waitangi.

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Women's Studies Collection

This Collection is a landmark digital resource from Bridget Williams Books (BWB), an award-winning New Zealand publisher. Designed and managed in-house at BWB, the Collection is primarily designed to: Make a rare and rich history of publishing on New Zealand women's experience available direct to libraries, schools and other institutions.

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