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Introducing Selwyn Book Lovers!

Join us each month in reading a new title on BorrowBox. At the end of the month, bring your good selves along for a chatty Zoom session where we'll connect and delve deeper into the book. You can join in from home...and we won't know if you're wearing your pyjamas!

Decorative photoDecorative photoYou can read with Selwyn Book Lovers on BorrowBox using your Selwyn Library card.

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Our book for October was The phone box at the end of the world  by Laura Imai Messina. Described as "...absolutely breathtaking ... a story of universal loss and the power of love...", this novel is based on an incredible true story. We all have something to tell those we have lost...

November has us enjoying The dressmaker by Rosalie Ham. Described as "...a darkly satirical novel of love, revenge, and 1950's haute couture...", this novel has also been made into a fantastic, must-see major motion picture starring Kate Winslet and Liam Hemsworth. Reserve now if you haven't seen it...

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