Installed: Artist in Residence - Digital Art

Join Erica Sklenars as she explores the intersection of science, technology and art.

With the aid of 3D printers Erica invites the community to create pieces of art that respond to the modern library environment.

Erica is our Artist in Residence. She will be at Leeston Library from Monday 24–Friday 27 June, 11am–5pm.

During this time she will be running an Artist Talk on Tuesday 25 June, 6.30–7.30pm. Come along and take an in-depth look at the processes of creating community art. Learn about her practice working with different mediums in various environments across the globe.

There will also be two workshops at the library on Friday 28 June, 3.30–5.30pm and Saturday 29 June, 11am–1pm.

These workshops will allow you to get hands on with creating and using 3D printers. Erica will guide you through the process of turning a digital idea on a screen into a three dimensional artwork.

Bookings are required for these workshops. Limited spaces available.

For more details visit the Arts, Culture and Heritage Selwyn Facebook page.