Selwyn Arts Festival

Celebrate with us at the inaugural Selwyn Arts Festival.

11–20 October

The rich and diverse event programme traverses the district with demonstrations, workshops, live art competitions and behind the scenes glimpses of theatre-in-production. And plenty of chances for you to buy new, original pieces and the opportunity to meet the makers.

Anchored by the established Darfield Artweek and Art Couture, plus new events and opportunities for you to see, try and taste the arts have emerged with both Art Crawl and Try the Arts on, see how they fit.

Brought to you by the Selwyn District Council, in collaboration with Lakeland Gallery, Down by the Liffey Gallery, Selwyn Gallery, Darfield Artweek, Art Couture and supported by Taste of Life Tours.

Celebrate with us at:
- Try the Arts on, see how they fit
- Darfield Artweek
- Art Couture
- Art Crawl
- Chalk n Cheese

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