Selwyn Book Lovers

Introducing Selwyn Book Lovers!

Join us each month in reading a new title on BorrowBox. At the end of the month, bring your good selves along for a chatty Zoom session where we'll connect and delve deeper into the book. You can join in from home...and we won't know if you're wearing your pyjamas!

Wolf Island Taboo by Kim ScottYou can read with Selwyn Book Lovers on BorrowBox using your Selwyn Library card.

Check out the events calendar for details on how to join in the chat.

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Our July title was Wolf Island by Lucy Treloar. Described as a book that is so evocative it will stay with you as an important literary fable of our period of history...

Available from the first of August, our next title is Taboo by Kim Scott. Read along with us for a book charged with ambition and poetry, brutality and mystery about a young woman cast into a drama that has been playing for over two hundred years...

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