Charges & Loan Periods

While there is a cost for some services, there are still a wide range of services that can be accessed for free. Around 97% of the library collection can be borrowed for free. It is also free to use library facilities, access WiFi on devices, access and search the internet on library computers and use the libraries’ information services.

Loyalty cards

Loyalty cards are available for our DVD and Hot Picks collections. Borrow five and the sixth loan is free.

Borrowing, overdue and subscription services

Item Borrowed Charge $
Books 0.00
Magazines 0.00
CD Audio books (adult) 0.00
Playaways 0.00
Rental adult DVDs (7 days) 3.00
Rental junior DVDs (7 days) 0.00
Rental DVD sets (14 days) 5.00
Hot Pick rental books 2.5
Interloans 7.00 - 20.00

Overdue charges per day

Rental Hot Picks 1.00
Rental adult DVDs 1.00
Books (adult cards) 0.50
Books (junior cards) 0.00
Audio books (adult) 0.50

Replacement membership cards

- adult 4.00
- children 4.00

Subscription fees for out of district borrowers

- 6 month subscription 90.00

Printing and copying

Printing black and white, per printed side 0.10  
Printing colour, per printed side 1.00  
Photocopying black and white 0.20 0.40
Photocopying colour 2.00 4.00
Laminating 2.00 3.00
Scanning (self use scanner) free  

Meeting Rooms

RoomLocal Council/Not for profit organisationBusinesses
Leeston Community Room $5 flat rate $15 per hour $20 per hour
Darfield 1A & 1B combined $5 flat rate $15 per hour $25 per hour
Darfield 1A, 1B, 2 & 3, each $5 flat rate $10 per hour $20 per hour