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Education at Selwyn Libraries

Education programme

Selwyn libraries can assist with a specific project or topic your class is exploring and our librarians can assist in finding books for your class to borrow and read.

A visit can be adapted and scaled to suit your class. We would love to see each student with their own library card, so those that have one are encouraged to bring them, and we can issue cards if we discuss it in advance.

Teachers are welcome to visit us for information on using library resources in the classroom.

Other programmes or experiences can be customised to support your curriculum requirements such as:

  • Introduction to the library and how to use it
  • Story times | Book talks | Research support | Browsing visits
  • Digital resources such as Any Questions, and more

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Intro to the library Introduction to the library
An informative introduction to the library space, collections and staff. Our librarians will point out relevant collections, great library features and eResources available to library members through our website.

For older classes our librarians can illustrate how the Dewey Decimal System works and how to use the catalogue computers for searching the contents of the library.

Recommended for Year 3 and above. 20 minutes.
storytelling Storytelling
A personalised storytelling session that can be based on the interests of the class or topics being studied. Students will enjoy stories, learn where their local library is and find out who their local librarians are. These sessions have a strong focus on early literacy and each library has staff who are experienced at delivering storytelling.
Recommended for Year 0 and above. 20 minutes.
Computer searching Information literacy and smart searching
An informative session aimed at improving research skills, locating and identifying credible sources of information and highlighting tips, tricks, and pitfalls.
Sessions can be tailored to target relevant topics and students can be provided with some resources and services to follow up with. Best suited for when students are embarking on research projects.

Recommended for Year 7 and above. 45 minutes.
Children's activities Collective nouns
A fun session with a collective animal noun guessing game. You will have heard of a flock of sheep, but have you heard of a flamboyance of flamingos, or an aurora of polar bears?
Designed to spark curiosity, classes will then have the opportunity to browse and read the best fact and record books the library has to offer.

Recommended for Year 3 and above. 15 minute presentation, 15–30 minutes browsing and reading.
Child reading chapter book Introduction to graphic novels
A session focused on graphic novels and breaking down the idea that graphic novels aren’t “real” books. Our librarians will introduce the idea of visual literacy (involving the ability to interpret information from images) and highlight the broadening range of topics and styles within graphic novels. Classes will then have the opportunity to browse and read the best graphic novels the library has to offer.

Recommended for Year 5 and above. 15 minute presentation, 15–30 minutes browsing and reading.
Lego Explore LEGO® Explore
Explore a topic through LEGO® at the library. Using items from our collections, we will introduce a chosen topic like Ancient Egypt, castles, Antarctica, etc and then make LEGO® creations based on what we have learned.
Recommended for Year 2 and above. 45 minutes.
Lego Stemm LEGO® STEMM
Take our LEGO® engineering challenges to creatively explore STEMM and problem solving at the library.
Challenges include tallest tower, longest bridge, LEGO® bowling, etc and involve breaking into teams for some healthy competition!

Recommended for Year 5 and above. 45 minutes.
Children planning ozobots 

Introduction to Ozobots
A hands-on opportunity for children to learn about the Selwyn Libraries’ Ozobot resource, and robotics in general.

The session will provide an opportunity for participants to develop their problem-solving skills, creatively engage with the STEMM field, and work collaboratively on a project that utilizes the skills they have learnt throughout the session about controlling Ozobots.

Recommended for Year 3 and above. 1 hour.

Children playing quiz game 

A fun and interactive quiz session. Students will split into teams to answer rounds of questions on books, characters, and popular culture.

The session is focused on fun and teamwork. Points are tallied up and a winning team is declared on the day. Great as an end of term treat, or an activity for book week or other school events.

Recommended for Year 5 and above. 45 minutes–1 hour.

3D printing Introduction to 3D Printing
An up close introduction to the Selwyn Libraries’ 3D printers and printing service. We will cover what 3D printing is, how it works, show some examples, and have the printer making a sample print during the session.
Read more.
Recommended for Year 1 and up. 15 minutes at the start, 5 minutes at the end – Designed to go either side of another session.

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