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This is a request for the library to buy an item that is not held in our collection or on order - check our catalogue if you are unsure.

Before you fill out the suggestion to buy form below, please note the following:

  • Suggestions from Selwyn Libraries members are welcome - please include your Borrower number
  • Generally we do not consider suggestions with a publication date more than six months ahead, or titles that not current.
  • Generally we only consider suggestions for DVDs that have been released within the last year.
  • Popular new titles are usually ordered automatically, so you don't need to ask us to buy them.
  • You may request up to six titles per month.
  • Suggestions for eBook purchases are made directly via the ePlatform.

If we decide to buy the item:

The requested item will be added as a hold to your library card. (Note:  We are unable to place holds on eBooks and eAudiobooks).

If we decide not to buy the item:

If we decide not to buy the item you will receive notification if you have supplied an email address.

Suggestions to buy requests can be declined by Selwyn Libraries for one or more of the following reasons:

  • Current collection priorities and budget do not allow for the purchase of the item, or there are sufficient items on the topic in our collection.
  • It is out of print or otherwise unavailable.
  • It is unable to be sourced through our contractual suppliers.
  • It is unsuitable format for inclusion in a public library.
  • It is too specialised/academic for public library collections - we consider the relevance for our whole community.
  • We may have already removed the item from our collection because it was no longer being used.
  • We may already hold the item in another format, such as Large Print, eBook or Audiobook.
  • In some collection areas we focus our purchasing on current/popular titles.

Note: If the item is unsuitable or unavailable to be added to our collection, you may be able to borrow it from another library through our interlibrary loan service.

To find the correct details for your suggestion, particularly the ISBN, please check the Wheelers website (you do not need to sign in to search).


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