Tech Kits

Selwyn Libraries provides access to new and emerging technologies and equipment such as digital microscopes and programmable robots to inform our community, to allow experimentation and learning, to inspire unlimited opportunities to explore, discover and create. We also like to encourage reading, literacy and fun with some low tech options.

Our Standard Tech kits offer an entry level experience for all Borrowers to try a new technology or experience; our Advanced Tech kits require some knowledge and/or setup – these can be borrowed by Adult Borrowers only.

Tech Kits are available for Library members to borrow from the libraries. The following apply:

  1. All Tech kits are free to borrow.
  2. Tech kits issue for a loan period of two weeks, there may be some exceptions depending on the Borrower profile.
  3. Issue and return of all Tech kits must be facilitated through a library staff member.
  4. As with all the Libraries collections, there is an expectation that kits will be returned in the condition they were borrowed ie. due care and attention taken when using them and returned in their entirety.
Decorative photoDecorative photo
Borrow Code-a-pillar Borrow a Digital Microscope
Decorative photo Decorative photo 
Borrow Sphero SPRK+Borrow Osmo Genius
Coming soon... Bee-Bot  Merge Cube
Borrow Bee-Bot

Borrow Merge Cube

Flip Book kitsActivity Dice kits 
Borrow Flip BooksBorrow Activity Dice