Book Club Packs

Use our Book Club Packs now.Book Clubs offer a fun way to bring a new dimension to your reading through sharing and discussing with others.

Selwyn Libraries offers a range of Library Book Clubs throughout our district, for all ages and for digital as well as physical books.

However if you already belong to a Book Club or would like to start one, we can offer you free Book Club Packs to borrow.

Borrowing a Book Club Pack:

  • Each Book Club Pack includes 10 copies of a title.
  • Book Club Packs are requested by placing a hold on the desired title. Find out more about placing holds here. You can also use the Selwyn Libraries App to easily place holds and manage your account.
  • Book Club Packs are issued for six weeks (42 days) .
  • The person borrowing the Book Club Pack is responsible for distributing the books, then collecting and returning them to the library by the due date. A tracking sheet is available for download from the library website.
  • Charges may be incurred if any books are damaged or missing.
  • Each book is numbered, so you can keep track of who has them.
  • Please bring the Book Club Pack back to the information desk at your local library with everything in it. Please don’t put it through an after-hours slot.
  • All 10 books must be in the bag when it is returned. If not, the bag will stay on the borrower’s library card until resolved.

Check out our current range of Book Club Pack titles.

Check out some hints and tips on how to start your own Book Club.